Top 5 Things You Must Decorate at a Wedding

Everyone wants their special day to be absolutely perfect, and a big part of that is making sure your decorations are absolutely perfect, and are really saying what you want them to say. Planning and coordinating your decorations can make a huge difference to the overall feel of your wedding, as well as looking beautiful. However, there are a number of elements that people frequently fail to give the proper attention to when sorting the decorations, ranging from key aspects such as chairs, to arrangement, to the ceiling! Here are the top five things that you need to pay plenty of attention to when sorting the decorations for your wedding.

5. Chairs and Tables

Selecting the correct chairs and tables is absolutely crucial. While these might seem a peripheral element, that’s far from true. You’ve got to remember that there’s not going to be that much furniture around, so your choice of tables and chairs can really change the tone of the wedding. With the vast range of options from ornate, classy chairs, to starker, simpler designs, and the many fabrics to choose from, when choosing your chairs and tables you need make a very careful and informed decision.

4. Coordination

Coordinating the overall style of your wedding is an absolute must. From colours, to styles, to arrangements, to fabrics, things need to play off of each other well to present a cohesive whole. You need to mock-up, design and thoroughly research the themes and concepts you want to present. Are you going to go with the classic, virginal white design, with the classiest, most-formal furniture available? Or maybe something starker, sharper and cooler? There are a multitude of options that you need to compare and evaluate in order to create a magical overall feeling to your wedding.

3. Ceiling

So frequently, no one mentions the ceiling. You need to check what kind of ceiling is in the venue you’re using, and if it’s not absolutely perfect, consider options such as hanging fabrics and drapes. Having an under-decorated or clashing ceiling can really mar the otherwise perfect wedding, so making sure you’re covered in that regard is crucial.

2. Light

One of the key tenets of modern design is utilising light. Light, when properly used, can change every element of a room. It can turn somewhere dark, dingy and cavernous, into an airy, warm, welcoming venue. Making sure you’ve considered all the options for natural and powered lighting is essential, and making sure the lighting will absolutely perfect on your big day requires testing and dry-runs to guarantee an absolutely magical day.

1. Arrangement

Keep an eye on the overall arrangement. There’s always the risk of becoming overly focused on the minutiae of wedding decoration design, and losing sight of the bigger picture. Being able to step back and survey the overall feel of the room is key to making sure everything gels together perfectly. Making sure the overall arrangement is perfect is the endgame here, and checking everything is placed to optimise itself and the room’s potential.