Why Tables and Chairs Should Match the Theme of Your Wedding

Having a cohesive overall look to the design and decoration of your wedding is absolutely key, and as chairs and tables are, bar the potential altar, the main pieces of furniture that are going to be present, you need to make sure they match and complement the overall style of your wedding to an absolute tee. We’ve all seen or attended weddings where one crucial design choice was out of whack, and we’ve all seen just how damaging this can be to an overall look. Design can be a fickle mistress, and if you make any major missteps, she will take you down a peg, so making sure that absolutely everything is cohesive and unified is crucial. This especially is true of design choices with chairs and tables, so here’s a couple key things to bear in mind when looking at the seating and tables for your wedding.

The first thing to examine in any detail is colour. The general colour of a wedding can really set the tone, so finding chairs and tables that match, or tastefully play off, your overall colour scheme is crucial. Obviously when it comes to the tables you can utilise fabrics to maximise the effect, but with the chairs you need to select a neutral matching colour, like natural wood tones, whites or pastel shades. You could also go for a more retro, earthy look by having a variety of mismatched, vintage chairs, but this will only work if tastefully and thoughtfully arranged. As ever, you need to take a step back and look at the overall feel and effect of everything when it’s put together, as often things that work brilliantly in theory might just not come together that well in reality.

Taking a step back and having a look over everything should always be your rule of thumb. When you’re focusing in on one detail it’s scarily easy to miss a much bigger issue, and all the detailing and careful arrangement in the world won’t redeem you if you’ve made a major misstep. As I said earlier, the chairs and tables will be the main furniture people see, so you need to make sure they cooperate fully with everything, including the colours, the venue and the style. For instance, if you’re in a more classical, older style of venue, you either want classical, older style seating and tables, or super-modern, tastefully-jarring seating and tables. Any in-between options risk looking out-of-place and ill-considered. The fluidity of the final room will be the first thing that hits your guests and stand out in pictures, so you need to make sure everything bounces off each other, and forms a cohesive whole.

There are such a variety of chairs and tables out there, as well as a myriad of available fabrics to cover them in. There are older, more-vintage styles, and stark, modern styles, but the actual style, colour and shape of the chairs and tables doesn’t really matter. Never focus too much on the minutiae, what matters is the overall effect. Taking a step back, and building the tone and style from a birds-eye view is the only way to guarantee a gorgeous wedding.